About us

We are just average citizens with a mission to transform our world into something better.

But we need your help.

Will you accept the challenge?

It’s Simple, Really

Do Something

Go out and do something that makes your town a better place and tell us about it.



Don’t have the time? Donate money to a local nonprofit that is doing the work and share why they are making your town a better place. #bettermytownchallenge


Share your challenge video on social media – make it public! – and nominate your friends for the challenge as well.

Tag us! // #bettermytown

Get Social


Recognize Others

Tell us about someone who makes a difference in their community!

Things To Do

Plant trees, repaint an old city building, pick up trash, install bike lock stations, host a coat drive for the homeless, volunteer to read books at schools… SMILE! For a full list of ideas, click here.

Ask your Neighbors

What do your neighbors think would be impactful in your area? Ask your friends what they would do, or check out your Newspaper for current city needs.

Talk with your City

Check with your Church for opportunities. Your town’s Chamber of Commerce and service clubs (like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptomists, etc.) will also have plenty of resources for you. Be sure you share your experiences and challenge your friends to do it also!


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Need some ideas?

We’ve compiled a list of some ideas that you could use for your activity! Some of these might require permission from authorities. Make sure you are not trespassing or doing anything illegal, and notify the owners of the property you’ll be working on. Offer free grocery delivery for residents in a retirement home, and then make […]

It started with a vision

“I’ve got this idea, where we utilize social media to make people aware of how their small actions can have a huge impact on their city.  What can you do today to make your town better tomorrow?” she asked, innocently enough, but without that waiver in her voice.  I knew I was about to be sold something. […]

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